Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quadriderm Nf Crema 40g

It 's the title of a wonderful film and a blog very nice, but most of all is the moment we are living now, at home Cialtrons. In no particular order:
- I spoke to my boss (or, as the nano, the ugly head), who assured me that within 2 weeks, I move by Scumbag Maestrini to get back to my place, after due training procedures that have changed while I was on maternity leave (evvai!!) will be much more challenging than what I'm doing now, the head is a harpy, but at least I feel alive when I'm in the office and around the body of knowledge necessary I will ask a further shift.
- the husband has to start doing physical activity (ah ah!) penalty stroke lightning within 10 years, finally bought the bike?
- we have a cleaning lady! Maybe we will see the light at the end of the chronic disorder of the house ... E 'come Monday to iron, and I must say it does not stretch at all well, some things I had to fold it back, other newly, but at least it has emptied the laundry basket, next week will ask you to clean up a bit' around, we see that ago ... I never know how to behave well, I'm in the house while she is here, cheffaccio, I make my cabbage or give a hand? I chat or not? I say it's time to go?
- some days we junkies "Shaun The Sheep", a really cool board, recommended a few months ago by Panz : I'm just saying I'm going to spend much money to buy me all the episodes released on DVD
- I entered the nano in kindergarten! How exciting! September will be a wonderful school, perhaps a bit 'too big for my taste, but very popular in the sense that everyone is talking about great good and it seems really cool to do many activities, including gardening, music ... But how is it that has already 3 years old (some day)??
- the dwarf walking, even running, out of the hospital since it is always very active, a little 'controversy, Mangione and super cuddly ... Yesterday I have known Jennifer: you tell me if it is not very "aerobic 80s" with the suit (thanks Susy) and a ponytail:


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